Stündenglass is a gravity bong for adults who want to show off

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Stündenglass is a gravity bong for adults who want to show off

The term “gravity bong” can be a dirty word in the cannabis world. No longer with the hourglass gravity shisha.For those who haven’t spent a hazy evening of their youth with their heads in a 5-gallon bucket, a gravity bong or “G-bong”To get more news about cheap beaker bongs under $50, you can visit official website.

; uses water and air pressure to push smoke into your lungs. If you put a full bowl in the dome, the user is likely to be completely torn apart, which is very popular with college kids and parties. As a rule, objects from the whole house are used, e.g. B. a 2-liter soda bottle and a socket from your father’s tool kit. Sorry dad.
While the legalized cannabis industry continues to fight a century of stereotypes, the hourglass makes a brave attempt to reinterpret the DIY gravity bong. However, unlike a homemade gravity bong, the hourglass doesn’t consist of a plastic bottle or bucket and aluminum foil, and it really benefits from being a real glass bong or hookah, which means the hot smoke is from what you smoke passed through water and chilled for a more pleasant experience.
The hourglass is an extremely versatile smoking device that can handle flowers, concentrates and shisha tobacco. It looks more like a strange piece of art than a waterfall bong, and there are a number of attachments that allow different styles of use.
You will likely notice the large rotating glass chambers on the hourglass that effectively act as an hourglass. (The name Stündenglass means “hourglass” in German.) The user fills the lower container with water and leaves the upper half empty. While the source is ignited, the user rotates the chambers 180 degrees. Due to the negative air pressure, the smoke moves through the falling water into the once empty chamber, which is now on the top.

Turn the chambers over again and the smoke will be expelled through the mouthpiece by the falling water. The user can actually control the amount of smoke emitted by how far he rotates the hourglass, which is neat, and make the bong a little more accessible to those who prefer to remember their evenings.

I can testify that this thing, like a normal gravity bong, can and will mess you up. I stupidly decided to go with a full bowl and I tried it for the first time with a full hourglass, and in the end I had a coughing fit that last brought me back when I tried a gravity bong in college.Since the corona virus pandemic, some have begun to question what exactly cannabis culture will look like when we reach the other side. It can take years for us to feel comfortable sharing a joint, bowl, or stump with friends, let alone strangers at a party. In The Beforetimes, it was customary to share spit when smoking weeds. However, the contactless attachment allows users to inhale smoke without putting their mouths on anything. Remember that the smoke is pushed out of the glass chamber with water pressure, so you don’t have to create an airtight seal with your mouth to suck the smoke off like traditional consumption methods.

Since the hourglass is also designed for use as a water pipe, there is of course a typical water pipe hose with a glass mouthpiece that can be easily attached for a different experience.Unpacking the hourglass felt more like unpacking a piece of technology than a gravity bong with branded stickers. That could be the company that relies heavily on the Apple angle, considering that it was developed “from its garage” by former Apple employee Tracey Huston. Still, it was the right move. While the invention may seem complex and overwhelming at first glance, unpacking each piece in boxing was more fun and less confusing. And if you ever have to transport it, you have a good case for it. Keep the box.

The packaging also makes the piece feeling expensive, which is great because of it is expensive. A good glass bong is never cheap, but at $ 499, the hourglass definitely hits an upper limit. And although it’s incredibly expensive, you can’t deny the quality.

The base that holds the rotating hourglass is heavy and robust and does not tip over easily. According to some company press releases, the unit includes “aircraft aluminum, surgical stainless steel and high quality Teflon seals”. Sure, these are a few quirky buzzwords – a big upgrade if you cobble something up with a bottle cap, bottle, and scissors – but I can absolutely confirm that this thing is well and carefully built and durable.

But maybe one of the most grown things on the hourglass has nothing to do with weeds, but it’s a big plus of mine: the glass chambers are removable so you can put them in your dishwasher. Smelly bong water is not just an urban legend. Bong water stinks, but luckily the hourglass is made to be easy to clean and almost impossible to catch a mouth full of bad water.