Looking for Great Buys on Sky Jackets & Tandem Suits?

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Mostly made from goatskin or lambskin, a leather bomber jacket is handy to have in your closet. The jackets are stylish & practical and are guaranteed to keep you warm, as well as looking fashionable. It is true that most people who invest in these types of jackets are fashion consciou

When would one wear one of these jackets?

Clearly, if you're an outdoor worker wearing one of these in the winter months will certainly keep you warm. If you happen to be a helicopter pilot or perhaps fly your own plane, then this is the skyexsuits that tell everyone you're a man (or woman) of the skies. There are also the people that invest in these jackets purely for fashion reasons. Indeed a guy wearing a flight jacket when out on the town with friends is going to attract girls - it's the jacket that attracts and the fact that the wearer maybe some sort of international flyer. Alas, unless he is a cool talker and can keep a girl's interest, he is going to fail. Girls also wearing one of these jackets will most definitely intrigue boys. There's nothing like the sight of a girl in a leather jacket - remember Leather Tuscadero from "Happy Days". It is clear that no matter where you wear this jacket, you're going to find that it was a great buy.

What are the details and where can I buy one?

  • The jacket is made from lambskin.
  • A snap-down collar - as per the original.
  • Knit cuffs and waistband with strong elastic keeps the cold out.
  • Two deep snap-down pockets on the front allow you to carry personal items close to your person.



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