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In this content, we will talk about Ed treatment in Canada

If you suffer from ED, chances are you're looking for the most effective treatment. Although there is no cure for the condition, most doctors recommend a variety of methods for addressing the symptoms. Here are some of the most effective treatments used today.


ED TREATMENT. Non-surgical treatments are usually tried first before considering surgery. Most of the most popular prescription medications for ED work well and are generally considered safe. Still, it's important to ask your doctor about possible side effects from every treatment: oral contraceptives or hormones called phosphodiesterase kind-5 inhibitors, for example, are usually prescribed in the U.S., where they have lower rates of occurrence than other forms of treatment.


ED BENEFITS. Surgery to remove the penis or opening of the blood vessels can permanently eliminate ED, but it also raises the risk of cardiovascular disease. But unlike ED, cardiovascular disease doesn't occur with atherosclerosis, which results in hardening of the arteries. Blood vessels dilate and the heart muscle becomes stronger after the operation, so ED may not be as risky as it seems.


Surgical Treatment. Surgery to correct ED is only performed on men whose symptoms are acute and non-responsive to conventional therapies. A catheter inserted through an incision into the penis is one form of surgical treatment for ED. Another is called a vascular surgery, which entails making a hole in the skin and inserting the catheter. The advantage of vascular surgery is that it eliminates the need for multiple injections of cholesterol-repelling statins. However, the procedure carries a higher risk of blood clots and infection.


Ed Treatment Alternatives. Some patients may find that conventional therapies are not effective enough to cure their ED problems. For these patients, surgery to make a larger opening in the penis or to implant silicone may be considered as an alternative. Both of these surgical treatments increase the amount of blood flow to the penile implants and thus increase erection size. Nevertheless, these procedures carry the risk of complications such as erectile dysfunction and penis injuries.


Herbal and Natural Ed Therapy. Long-term sexual dysfunction can be a result of hormonal imbalance, low testosterone levels, or excessive stimulation of blood by nerve cells. In order to treat ED through the use of herbal supplements, some experts recommend acupressure, massage therapy, or a combination of herbs and physical stimulation. For example, Tongkat Ali is often combined with a massage treatment in order to produce a positive effect on erections. And if there is already some evidence that stress can lead to premature erections, then the herb ashwagandha is believed to reduce the likelihood of getting afflicted with the disorder.

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