Reveal some WoW: TBC Classic DPS ranking: Level 2 list

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The second content phase of WoW: The Burning Crusade Classic has arrived, and the DPS level list of the game has slightly changed.

Although there are not many direct balance changes to change the available classes in the game, the new raid equipment is already available for the latest players. Therefore, players will find some subtle differences between the initial version of the game and its first major update. The addition of level five equipment makes certain professions more powerful in the next stage of PvE content in the Burning Crusade. In the second stage, DPS players will realize that the best specifications in the game are getting better and better, and they are quickly leaving the group.

In addition, as the expansion progresses, the difference between the "good" specifications and the "great" specifications becomes less obvious. The following is the ranking of WoW: TBC Classic DPS specifications we ordered for the second stage of the game.

S tier
Beast Mastery Hunter
Destruction Warlock

Hunters and warlocks are still the two strongest professions in World of Warcraft: TBC Classic in the second stage of the game. Their best specializations, beast control and destruction, have always been among the best in PvE content because guilds often look for a large number of such specializations to join their team. If you want to play DPS as efficiently as possible, there is nothing better than these two specifications.
A tier
Fire Mage
Survival Hunter
Elemental Shaman
Demonology Warlock
Shadow Priest
Arcane Mage
Arms Warrior

Although the A-layer specifications of TBC Classic are not as completely broken as the two specifications occupying space in the S-layer, they are still competitive and usable in every group and content in the game. Players who want to change the "best" rule while still playing with viable specifications will find many options here. In addition, if you want to fill DPS roles without downgrading to two very specific specifications, you can do so through some more creative (and interesting) options in the game.
B tier
Affliction Warlock
Enhancement Shaman
Retribution Paladin
Combat Rogue
Balance Druid
Fury Warrior
Marksmanship Hunter

Although the specifications available for the B-layer of the TBC Classic are available, there are definitely better options on the desktop. Almost every specialization available in this layer has a counterpart in another, more powerful layer. Of course, if you have more fun playing with specializations like Pain Warlock or Shooting Hunter, that's completely fine, because they are still competitive choices. But you should remember that there are more powerful routes available. All these specializations of the B level are very balanced and powerful enough to allow team members to master the right team.
C tier
Assassination Rogue
Feral Druid
Frost Mage
Subtlety Rogue

The bottom of the second stage DPS ladder includes the two lowest thieves specialization, as well as the worst mage specialization and druid melee replacement. None of these specializations have a place in the PvE portfolio, whether in a dungeon group or a team environment. Each of them is very dependent on players and can only be selected and added to a well-equipped and experienced group of controlling players. If the player feels struggling in the game, he can spend a little TBC Classic Gold to strengthen his equipment. If you don't have enough gold, you can go to a trusted professional sales website.

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