A moldmaker in Ontario optimizes the conditions for turning difficult parts

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For many years in the 1950s, Champion Road Machinery employed a large number of European toolmakers in Southwestern Ontario

For many years in the 1950s, Champion Road Machinery employed a large number of European toolmakers in Southwestern Ontario. However, when the company's primary business began to pick up, the decision was made not to make custom molds beyond its own requirements.

Many of the shops that had come to rely on Champion's molds were forced to look for alternatives as a result of this development. Akromold was founded by Ernie Tafeit and two other individuals who decided to take a chance on a new path.

The shop grew in both size and number of employees over the course of several decades., and the two of them came to the decision to purchase the company.

The two men branched out, expanding their customer base into the United States and modernizing their facility with CNC machines and an in-house design department to better serve their customers. Originally owned by Haas, Rick now co-owns the business with Derek Langtry, who joined the company in 2017 and longtime owner Pellar. Rick Haas sold his share to his son Rick in 2010.

Today, the majority of our revenue comes from exports. For companies such as Caterpillar and Cummins, we specialize in custom moulds for a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, power distribution, automotive, water distribution, and general industrial components. cnc turning service were approached about four years ago by the major suppliers to Bruce Power about the possibility of manufacturing high-end components for the nuclear reactor refurbishments. That's the only thing cnc turning do that isn't mold work.

There are approximately 35 people working in the shop across two facilities, with 26 of them being ticketed tool and diemakers. A total of 20 milling machines, half of which are 5-axis, are housed in the 22,000-square-foot main shop, which is primarily used for milling, assembly, and grinding operations. The second 12,000-square-foot shop is dedicated to turning and quality control, and it is equipped with five lathes, a few saws, and a metrology department.



Langtry explained that all of his company's machines are DMG Mori machines. The setup is nearly perfect in terms of reproducibility. It is not dependent on the machine's configuration. What cnc turning service believe sets us apart from the competition is our engineering expertise in our field. And the fact that cnc turning have three tryout presses to make things easier. It truly enables us to export tools over long distances with confidence, knowing that they have been thoroughly tested and debugged before leaving our facility.


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At Akromold, cnc turning service work with a wide range of materials, including hardened 420 stainless steel and tool steels with hardness levels ranging from 62 to 64 HRC. cnc turning also work with A2, D2, S7, H13, and O1 tool steels. Finding the optimal conditions for hard-part turning while maintaining accuracy while removing a significant amount of material in the hardened state is a significant challenge, according to Lance Bedard, plant manager, tool and diemaker.

When they are returned and the hardened workpieces are thrown away, there can be no stress or deformation on the part being returned. You must be extremely conscientious of how you hold the part and where you must leave extra stock on hand to accommodate holding. Is the distribution of clamping forces evenly distributed around the component?

Similarly, when machining hardened parts, the sharpness of your tools will make a significant difference in the overall success of your part's machining. As a result of using a dull tool, you will end up stressing the part as you proceed through the finishing operations. In a world where there are so many different variations of workholding and tooling, it is important to understand how tool geometry affects the amount of stress placed on the finished product.

In order to accommodate its custom and high-mix/low volume production requirements, Akromold employs a diverse range of tooling. In the case of parts that are extremely unstable or thin-walled, the shop will work with a much finer geometry than usual. In contrast, if a component is stable and strong, a strong type of geometry, such as a larger nose radius or something similar, will be used by the machine shop.

If you're working with an extremely unstable part, you'll need to be extremely cautious with your cutting forces. In addition, there is a great deal of variation in the speeds and feeds cnc turning use depending on the type of material cnc turning china are using. When turning a hard part, it is critical that the part is not subjected to any external stress. It couldn't be more critical at this point.

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