Path of Exile 3.13 extension on Xbox One is temporarily unavailable

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Perhaps the most unacceptable thing for developers of MMO games is to roll back their own games to the previous version. Because apart from subjective factors, it was almost an insult to their past efforts. For the Path of Exile 3.13 extension developed and released by Grinding Gear Games, their development team is also facing such a tough decision. Recently, complicated and unexpected behaviors in the game have had a serious negative impact on POE Currency economy, and they have to revert the servers on Xbox 1 to the previous POE version.

According to the developer’s post on the official Path of Exile forum, players can learn that some code has damaged and some POE Currency and POE Orbs cannot function properly. In order for GGG to allow players on Xbox One to enjoy the subsequent game activities as quickly as possible, they decided to first set the Path of Exile on the platform as unavailable and roll back to the previous version. This is also to protect the balanced economic state of the game from being affected.

In better news, players can now enter a Path of Exile Talent Competition to show off their creativity and win some sweet prizes. They can submit your creation in virtually any field, including cosplay, fan art, dance, baking, gifs, music, fan fiction, comics, or crafts. Prizes include autographed art books and prints, a cloth map of Wraeclast, a foam Exalted Orb, and in-game microtransactions. This is also an emergency measure issued by the game team to make up for the temporary inability of Xbox players to play the new expansion.

They can also use this time to review the previous Path of Exile content. After all, one of the most famous parts of the new league in the 3.13 expansion is the endgame system. After the development team fixes the code, they can use the endgame system to collect a lot of resources more quickly. In the process, players can also Buy POE Currency to continue to enhance the capabilities of their characters. Give me five!

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