Though the Texans have not officially interviewed either

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Though the Texans have not officially interviewed either

With the conclusion of Mut 21 coins the NFL season upon us, that means the league's annual coaching purge is all about to kick into high gear. After the year kicked off in September, there were 32 head coaches roaming the sidelines around the NFL, but not every one of those men will be returning in 2021.

As a matter of fact, we know three coaches that definitely won't be returning and that's Bill O'Brien, Dan Quinn and Matt Patricia, that got axed throughout this season. Three in-season firings was the maximum amount the NFL has seen since 2010 when four coaches got let go.

Heading to the 2021 offseason, there could be as many as six teams looking for a new trainer and that number could jump even higher if we see any shock moves. We'll be tracking all the latest news as teams start their hunt for the right coach. To keep you current on the latest firings, rumors and hirings, make certain that you keep tabs on the training tracker beneath.

Since then, the Texans have hired a search firm to assist them find their new coach. According to, the search firm has advocated Seahawks offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer as someone Houston should look at hiring. Additionally, it is believed that Houston will have its attention on Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. Though the Texans have not officially interviewed either of those candidates, they have conducted at least two interviews and those arrived with former NFL head coaches Marvin Lewis and Jim Caldwell. The Texans have an open GM job and the belief is that they'll fill that role before selecting a new coach.

Since firing Dan Quinn in October following an 0-5 start, the Falcons have been playing things close to the vest about who they might hire next. In the buy Madden nfl 21 coins time because Quinn was let go, the team has just officially interviewed one candidate and that's interim coach Raheem Morris. Although the Falcons have to set up an interview with any of those three, they've setup two interviews for Monday. One of these interviews would be with 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh whereas another one will probably be with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. The Falcons will also be in the market for a GM after firing Thomas Dimitroff.

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