What will happen next in Path of Exile

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Just yesterday, GGG broadcasted an explanation and description of the 3.13 extension live on Twitch’s Path of Exile channel. It means that a lot of things will happen in the next few weeks. Players who have read Path of Exile’s schedule for this month already know that today the game team will announce the description of common problems and tomorrow they will tell those Players who have achieved achievements in epic events will be rewarded with POE Currency and the Heist League will end on January 11.

Yesterday’s live broadcast attracted countless fans to watch. And in the live event, some players were lucky enough to get some rewards. But this is not real-time distribution, the specific distribution time and content of the prizes will not be known until the game team announces the detailed information. Although Path of Exile did not make 2020 a perfect end, it offered players such a great joy in early 2021. It can be said that what the players are waiting for should be very worthwhile.

Those players who missed the live broadcast but still want to watch it can click on the links to the reporter’s report on the regular announcement page of Path of Exile or log on to YouTube to watch the video and live broadcast. They will see how the new gems work. Although the developers did not explain the balance changes, it should not disappoint the players again. After all, they can no longer afford to lose a large number of players.

Soon, many old players who were dissatisfied with the game team some time ago will return to Path of Exile. This phenomenon is still heating. There are many adventure-loving RPG players who choose to join Path of Exile. As a beginner, their top priority is to Buy some Path of Exile Currency to adapt to the gameplay as quickly as possible to keep up with the big army.