Make a bid to acquire a LESSER demon task for killing zamma.

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For another boses, is there any specific reason why you chose level 65? 64 restores exactly the identical quantity per dose of prayer potion as 65 does, thus additional levels truly don't make a difference till you get to 68. Strength isn't as vital for RS gold boss hunting as folks make it out to be. Concentrating on attack and defence will help you more than strength will. Your equipment appears okay. It could be a fantastic idea to invest in finishing RFD and getting yourself a pair of barrow gloves. Those things are amazing;)

Since you said you said soloing, deliver a ring of riches. It will help you get better drops. The ring of life is better to bring if you're lootsharing with someone, cause wealth doesn't work with lootshare busy. You'll have a hard time getting any great specs with a dds on bandos, dmace strikes more frequently on larger creatures. Only exception is if you do not have a bgs or a tasset to shield from bandos minions. Even then, you really don't need them considering the kill count is only a small part. It could be more difficult to stick with the dragon boots.

The remainder of your stocks are great for starting. Editing them somewhat as time goes on to fit you better. No one will tell you your ideal inventory, only trying it yourself can help you out with that. They can only tell you the significant things. You have them, so understand you just have to experiment a little to perfect them on your own.

Make a bid to acquire a LESSER demon task for killing zamma. Do not go for the Pendant of Armadyl. There is other items you'll be able to wear that'll give you a hand with the boss far more than this. This amulet is only good when getting your killcount. Even then, it slows it down because it will not really help you. A good item for armadyl, would be to attract zammy bracers instead of a coif, and get an arma helm. It is a bit more affordable and frees up the amulet spot for something somewhat more cheaper.

No point on brining a range potion to get armadyl if you are soloing. You are going to use so many sarabrews. As soon as you pot up you'll have already reduced your own range. You will befinit more by attracting extra sara brews. The exact same may also apply to sara. Bear in mind that the 3:1 radio. 3 doses of sara brew a super restore dose. Generally 1 super restore (4) for ever 4 sarabrews (4). You are able to give up a super restore for sara, cause you're there for a while. The OSRS buy gold alter will provide you more prayer on a single solo excursion than on other boses.