Try out NBA 2K21's brand new gameplay controls

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Try out NBA 2K21's brand new gameplay controls

Even NBA 2K21 cover star Damian Lillard is 2K21 MT struggling

The shooting mechanic in NBA 2K21 was overhauled after feedback that it was too simple on NBA 2K20. The developers may have left shooting too difficult though, with players responding to Lillard's tweet using their own struggles with the match's shot meter.

The shot meter has also received its share of fans, with some asserting that players will become accustomed to it on time. The complaints with the attribute, meanwhile, have previously pushed NBA 2K21 gameplay manager Mike Wang to share tips for the attribute, while asking players to"be patient"

NBA 2K21 previously generated controversy because of the price of its PlayStation 5 along with Xbox collection X versions.

For all the basketball lovers out there, here is some fantastic news. 2K has declared that the NBA 2K21 demo will soon be available from August 24, 2020. The game's demo version will soon be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The name is also coming into PC and Google's Stadia, but it seems the demo won't be made available on the two platforms. The demonstration will start just days ahead of the game's global launch on September 4, 2020. The NBA 2K21 has additionally been verified for next-gen consoles; Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. This year's game comes with a lot of improvements. 2K detailed the major changes in their blog. And today, fans can try out a number of them when the demo drops.

In a lot of ways, NBA 2K21's demonstration feels like more of the same, compared to NBA 2K20. In my eye it looks almost like the previous couple of decades, and appears to be running the clock out until next-generation consoles arrive before springing for a more significant visual upgrade. Legacy issues, such as the CPU mishandling clock management and players dropping the ball once the shot clock runs out, are still existing. Still, there are some noticeable positive tweakswith the assistance of a few smaller gameplay upgrades and a new shot-stick mechanic, NBA 2K21's gameplay seems like a baby-step forward.

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