Players can win endless Delve in Path of Exile

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Grinding Gear Games is providing exiles with something to celebrate, not just POE Currency, but in December this year, players of "Path of Exile" can look forward to participating in the three independent games that will start on December 4 and end this year. game.

The first exile is the "Chaos Incident", which will adopt the modifiers in the previous league, as GGG said: "Increase them to 11. "Each region in the Warring States War will have one of the following situations: 20 gangsters, 20 safes, 20 invading bosses, 20 breaches, 20 tortured spirits or 20 pioneers, and every hour Change the MOD."

From the next week on December 11th, players can see the week-long Endless Delve event kicked off, bringing players to the Azurite Mine. Each abrasive game:

In this unique event, players will start to plunge into dangerous darkness with some starter equipment. Players will be able to obtain passive points usually obtained from missions and bear Kitava's resistance penalties at various levels of threshold. Players can use the climbing altar in the mine camp to enhance their character, while Eli Lilly Rose and Nico can provide skill gems.

The last event is the three-week Heist flashback event. "Path of Exile" players can buy POE Exalted Orb in each game area to see the flashbacks of popular mods from past leagues, not just one, but Three at a time. These mods, such as 2 additional Rogue Exiles or Tormented Spirits, will be changed every hour.

For more information on the month of the "Path of Exile" event, please check the official forum post.

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