I'd love Dragon's Dogma Online-styled experiences in PSO2

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Both in construction and PSO2 Meseta in procedure. Something such as"spam NGS Advance Quests while fishing for RNG PSE drops for 20 levels on each and every course" could be a problem. Class levels with changeable classes vs 80 character levels with no varying classes) would help.This way the game still has the primary core aspects players expect but is fresh and new at the same moment. I believe it's still likely to be instanced rather than truly open world. Gameplay shown up to now has shown 8 participant instance maxes. This would not break current AI systems, considering the existing AI just follow your path or teleport to you if they have stuck. The world is huge and open, but everything outside of cities was instanced. I'm thinking it is going to be a similar approach to what Dragon's Dogma Online had. The world is open and huge, but everything out of cities was instanced. They watered down the climbing to a formulation and changed a bunch of classes but now that it's gone I constantly want to play with it.

I'd absolutely love Dragon's Dogma Online-styled experiences in Phantasy Star if since it gives us a reason to learn more about the planet (or at least rapid journey to it to jump in and outside ) and to have a struggle with the bosses and enemies.

I would imagine with how New Genesis would potentially be balanced which hopefully every class is viable like how Dragon's Dogma Online cleaned up the vocations so they were complete packages that players can expand on and flesh out without needing to take part in matters like exactly what Phantasy Star Online 2 now has (specifically Mags determining which courses you'll excel at and your ability tree also ascertaining exactly what you gain and lose). I would drop the whole skill tree, and the main class/subclass system to have something like Dragon's Dogma Online failed with the habit abilities, core abilities, and the augments with the ability to mix-and-match reinforces, that everyone unlocks core skills and contains them together, and that players set their own playstyle with their custom skills.

A large part of the preference for me is so that you could surely spend your time and resources into upgrading and unlocking new abilities and skills and then after you're done you can return and mix-and-match items to your liking without realizing you would need to drop in cash just like you currently do if you wanted to build something like an optimal main course tree and a version for a perfect subclass tree, or even invest in a different Mag because you are missing about 6-7% of your total damage (and therefore are missing 200 points to equip your weapons/units).

Regardless of the extreme grind the game becomes towards the end (for instance, running the same dungeon like roughly 40-80 occasions to gain a single level, collecting Blood Orbs and High Orbs to unlock the small stat boosts that add repeatedly, and more), I have felt that Dragon's Dogma Online is definitely an instance of an online game that I believe has definitely nailed the"open area" exploration with good gameplay, optional combined multiplayer, and provides both an obstacle and relatively casual experience for those who want it with no setting up nasty traps for players to pso2 sales get trapped in to mess up their assembles.