Carolina Panthers: Madden 21 21 player ratings after week five

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Video games were originally just for entertainment, but both NFL players and gamers can attach great importance to Madden scores. The Madden level adjuster will try to maintain and change the player rankings throughout the season. We will make some adjustments to Panthers to see if they are correct. Players can buy Madden 21 Coins to get players with excellent ratings.

Mike Davis who ran back to the Panthers has played an outstanding football performance since taking over the full-professional Christian McCaffrey as the team leader. In the end, his overall ranking changed from 76 to 77. His route running ability score has been the biggest improvement. I think he should have at least 80 points. He has played in 99 McCaffrey games, and Carolina's offense has almost made no mistakes. Davis may be happy, and his score has improved.

Cornerback Rasul Douglas is another player who has surpassed Carolina this season. His overall score improved from 74 to 75. Douglas has undoubtedly become the first corner of the team. It's great to see Madden World take notice of the defensive guard's consistent performance. Kawann Short is one of the few Leopards, after the team's three consecutive victories, his rating dropped. His overall score dropped from 85 to 79. Earlier news broke that Short's season will end for the second consecutive year. Talk about adding salt to the wound.

Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater's overall score rose from 76 to 77. His score at the beginning of the season was 75, so he has been steadily rising. Both his consciousness and short-term accuracy got bonus points. Awareness and short-term accuracy are Bridgewater's best real-life qualities, so Madden will definitely stay up to date here.

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