The role of currency in the Path of Exile

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The role of currency in the Path of Exile

The most important feature of the Path of Exile is the currency system. There is no resident and unified game currency in this game, so there are only different currencies for different purposes. But what does currency do? The following introduces some currencies and their functions, as well as how to Buy POE Currency use them.

Cartographer's Chisel
Commonly known as nails, improve the quality of the map Right-click on this item, then left-click on a map to use. The lower the rarity, the better the map, with a quality limit of 20%.

Orb of Regret
Commonly known as regret, the role is to reset the talent, yes, POE's talent can not be reset randomly after the point is selected, to reset it must consume the regret stone.

Orb of Chance
Randomly upgrade a piece of white equipment into a magic, rare or dark gold item. Those who want to upgrade to dark gold must find the corresponding white equipment base. At first glance, it seemed that the currency was hanging, but it didn't lay eggs.

Regal Orb
A blue outfit plus an affix is ​​upgraded to a yellow outfit, so equipment washed out of Regal Stone must be 3 affixes. One of a large number of consumables for making equipment, and its value is relatively high. The method of exchange at the NPC is that a set of iLV75 (I may remember it wrong) and more equipment are sold to the NPC for a rich stone.

Exalted Orb
Abbreviation EX, when the number of affixes in a yellow suit is less than 6, increase the number of affixes according to the principle of POE Exalted Orb up to 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes. It is a basic currency with a large amount of money in the game. In the game, in general, the demand for trading is to use C Chaos Stone EX Sublime Stone for trading.

Orb of TransmutationOrb of AugmentationOrb of Alteration
The role is basically a series of transformations: after use, white equipment becomes blue equipment. Increase: Only one blue affix is ​​increased to two. Transformation: Change the affix of blue equipment. Special note: Remodeling is a large amount of consumables for the production of blue washing equipment. Sometimes players will buy a lot of them, so the remodeling stone can be regarded as standard currency.