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Start date 25-12-21 - 10:42
End date 31-01-22 - 10:42
  • Description

    When playing NBA 2K22, if you push the sprint button or perform a number of dribble movements, your fitness levels will begin to fall off an incline. It wasn't as much of a concern last year as you could still shoot effectively when exhausted. In 2K22 your shot meter will actually decrease as you lose stamina and your release becomes slower. This can make it more difficult to hit shots and provides your opponent more of a chance to win.

    The best advice we can give is to slow down. With stamina, shooting can be quite a lot more enjoyable this year. Profit from that by playing conservatively and you'll find success.

    In case you're offline, one of the top tips is to benefit from the improvements Visual Concepts made to AI assist defense. The past was when players would swoop down on you with picking and leave their player wide to the side. This made it much easier to chase three players in the wings when you had trouble scoring.

    In 2K22, those defenders don't have as much trouble crashing as they do in 2K21 which allows you to play games that feel more like an NBA game. It's now all about knowing the defense's position and making the right choice. If you request your center to make a choice and his man switches to you, you can throw it over to the big guy and let him battle an opponent with a smaller size. If they aren't switching, congrats on your open the lane. Go to the bucket and layup, or get fouled.

    To initiate a Pick-and-Roll, hold down L1 (LB for Xbox) as you point toward whichever player you want to use for the pick. The trick is to take your time. If you're unable to locate the switch but don't see an lane, don't try to force it. Try resetting and trying again. Remember, you're trying to play with a sense of shrewdness and be slow.

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