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Start date 04-12-21 - 10:00
End date 31-12-21 - 10:00
  • Description

    I agree that the actions 2 and 3 and Clan Wars, will continue. Also, Clan Wars does NOT need to be a wilderness-based. Clan Wars could easily be relocated to Al Kharid’s famous Duel Arena, where they could fight to train. You can have the mages create a few interdimensional connections using the same method that brought about the POHs. (Yes, there is a story :D). That will be a great idea.

    The possibility of taking creation might be possible, given that the revenants have now been confined to a cave. My opinion is that the home of the mystic ought to be located in the middle.

    What is the reason Fist of Guthix required to leave? it is located in the wilderness of low-level and you don't have to take anything with you there. There is the possibility of teleporting to other members. Although you might be injured, it's not impossible to lose your stuff. Personally, I would be content.

    I was curious if Sir Amik Varze is really a knight. The White Knights, (By Guthix, I wish they had a better title, like the Kinshra) are an army, political and social organization. In feudal society (yes, RuneScape doesn't pay any attention to how nations are managed or the size of the country as the areas aren't big enough) Knights are in the bottom of the heap, whereas a king, who is only defeated by the emperor is the highest.

    Amik would have a peerage if he is the ruler of the King's horse. This could also create Burthorpe an official principality. I'm assuming that the real principality is bigger than the city.

    As for the Kinshra they were evicted from Falador and also from the mountains. (I'm pretending there's a huge mountain range that divides Asgarnia/Misthalin and Wilderness... It is odd to have a single mountain on its' own.) I believe this makes Daquarius the chief of Kinshra, a marquess.

    This is logical since is a Lord. Again Sir Amik is just an enlisted knight in comparison to Daquarius who is an lord. What do you think? Do you think a knight should be allowed to lead the kingdom? Sorry, a couple of the details aren't connected. This is a copy and paste from a RSOF post.

    The grave situation isn't clear to me. For those who don't know, it's a belief that grave stones aren't blessed and that people will steal you loot. I fail to see the problem in this situation regardless of the fact that it was the same pre 07 but you didn’t have a 6-minute grace period to pick up your items.

    One argument that has been raised is that the appointment of new bosses doesn't necessarily mean death. Does that really hold? Really? Demons was a new boss in 08 and I'm not aware of any. But, when I duo me with my partner I pray for him (well he blesses mine, and he's not yet dead). I can always return in less than 3 minutes. This means that regardless of how blessed your grave is, you can still come back.

    The Corpreal Beast on contrary, was deliberately designed to not use the mechanics of a cemetery. I'm certain Jagex saw it and was ashamed at the bosses of care bears who created gravestones to avoid any chance. You have two minutes to get back to your belongings, and there's no reason that can't stay before it becomes the stuff of the public.

    Finally Nex I'm not yet to fight her, so please forgive me if I'm wrong. But, given the fact that many people believe Jagex worked on the update for quite a while, it would be fair to say that Nex was intended to include these mechanics. While a blessing can be used to get back to where you were, it is strongly thought that Nex would have included this option.

    For all bosses, they're designed to be used with no need for gravestones. This is a real danger. A grave with no blessing allows you to reclaim items from Bandos, KBD, Chaos Ele, Mole and apparently Zammy. DKs and Sara can be found in graves with bless.

    Graves can also decrease the risk of RS significantly. We know that someone will not be able to bless your grave in order that that they can get there mitts on your rage, but this is the point. It's not about them having a penis. It's how the RS death sentence is executed and has been distorted because of graves.

    The blessing was originally meant to be a substitute for a person taking things and returning them to you, not as a generic "nerf death" button. It has evolved into an item for a friend to help you out if you died. So heres the solution, there are three choices. Only take risks that you can afford, we hope to see a reduction in gear players who are overloaded in the workplace because there is the possibility that they may be ejected.

    Boss with your friends - this was the way people used to go prior to graves, when they were looking to take lower risk. Boss with friends like you're currently doing, but realize that if the bless goes you will only be responsible for you as you am likely to eat random people's obese loot piles. This ridiculous debate is over.

    When the old wilderness was in existence (this was a long time ago, I'm talking about), the PKing community in RuneScape was a good group of players. First thing we would do was ask "dm?" or "fight?" before we attacked another person. We wanted to ensure that they were prepared and we were able to have an enjoyable, fair fight.

    Also, people actually dm’ed. Too many times in RuneScape these days, I will request someone "dm?" I will request the person "dm" to receive an answer to "sure" or "yes" and they will run to the bank within just a couple of minutes.

    We also pinted each other's best accounts against one another, our mains. It was much more fun as the stats were well balanced. It was exciting to see melee beat range and mage beat mage and so on. This reduced the enjoyment of PKing because of the unbalanced pures.

    Is it me or has the industry of PKing lost its credibility in recent years? These are only some of the numerous examples I can think of, but there could be more. Do you think this authenticity will be restored with the old wilderness coming back, or do you think it's just going to be a playground for the annoyance on RuneScape?

    Many people may not consider all the items apart from things that have changed since 2007. Some things I was thinking about are: I'm pretty sure back in 2007, we had that really small screen were the field of view wasnt as great. It was essential to continuously alter the camera. Players are now able to see other players without worrying about the camera.
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