One of my complaints was about the quest section Cover Image


One of my complaints was about the quest section

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One of my complaints was about the quest section has not posted anything yet
Start date 01-07-21 - 08:52
End date 02-07-21 - 08:52
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    One of my complaints was about the quest section. It appeared to say that quests have a binary design between grand narratives via cutscenes and lore and there's combat. I aim to both of these philosophies. I need quests to have the design and design philosophy of classic quests. None of bloody elf that is that rotting corpses on a razed battlefield by way of instance, that's such an departure from the quests we had on release of Runescape.

    I would much prefer difficulty solving. Pacing and different tone than the kinds of high production HBO show quests we have been getting. Scouring the area for puzzle pieces and clues, talking to npcs such as hints, piecing it all together all while having a tone that is absurd and lighthearted. Like using a jar of poison on fishfood to kill piranhas at a fountain. I was also disappointed that foraging wasn't on the potential skills list as it had a positive reception that a participant has indicated.

    I wanted to bring a clarities. I am a advocate for OSRS pictures. But not quite for school as such. I believe the way old school is, and as the title suggest it would be weird and sort of uneeded to change the graphics. But what I would really like to find out when a"reimagined" style of OSRS with 3d grahpics, WASD motion, a brand new engine - completely rebuilt from the ground up with map improvements and more abilities. Something OSRS is need of is new abilities. I one for really love as an thought and im amazed it hasn't rolled over to OSRS, dungeoneering.

    I think with people being max everything today, I market that's rich af skill or level 120 slayer level are needed. I for one loved Darkscape. A brand new server, fresh market and receptive world pvp was so cool. Individuals enjoying 24hrs then doing camping the spots and being nerds did destroy it though. Stuff like this I'd really like to see trendy idea for the league, fresh servers, more of though and just touch base with players feel. I think with more patches darkscape could have worked fine.

    I picked fire making, crafting, and runecrafting as skills needed to improve on. Improvement is needed by crafting guild, and is useless where people simply use it. Fire is the most useless skill in OSRS and does not synergize to gameplay. And runecrafting is so dull and upgrade was blood songs back in 2017 I believe. Would like to see a runecrafting guild or minigame. I like that thought. They can introduce ways to boost a flame you have made so it can cook superior versions of your food which can heal more or exude a few tiny secondary effect (faster run recharge or buffed hp recover?).I don't think I Could play OSRS

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